Reviews/ Statement

As far as I am concern, he is very advanced most in playing and creating his music playing as very complete person, who trying to achieve. And I would support him in anytime.

Ornette Coleman, Legend of  Jazz


Soon Kim’s inner voice blends convincingly with the tembre of the alto saxophone.
Ornette should feel a sense of pride when listening to his protégé.

Walter Norris Legend of Jazz pianist


"Never boring" modisti news Spain


"One of the finest examples of acoustic music I've everheard."
Wonderful Wooden Reasons England

"His play go through around the space like comet leaving a tail"

Tetsuya Miyata, Scholar of Japanese modern art

"Full of spiritual power blow"

Jazz Life Japan, Makoto Gotoh (Jazz critic) 



(オーネット コールマン/ジャズサックス奏者)


スーン キムはアルトサックスの音域を使ってインナーヴォイスをとてもうまく伝える。 オーネットは彼の弟子であるスーンキムを誇りに思うべきだ。
(ウォーター ノリス/ジャズピアニスト)




Wonderful Wooden Reasons


medisti news


Jazz Life Japan

後藤誠 ジャズ評論家